Nottingham Integrated Transport and Environment Simulation (NITES)


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NITES consists of three main facilities:

NITES 1 - An advanced driving simulator on a 6 dof motion base. The main projection dome contains a fully instrumented BMW Mini and NITES 1 will be capable of simulating driving on a range of actual roads and simulated hazardous driving situations.

NITES 2 - A flexible environmental simulator on a fixed base with a 5 metre diameter 180 degree projection screen. This can be used to simulate a wide range of environments, or can be linked with NITES 1 to allow two drivers to each drive a vehicle within the same simulated environment.

NITES 3 - A fully instrumented vehicle (Ford Focus) capable of filming material and driving on some of the same roads that are simulated in NITES 1 and 2.

Flexible Experimental Resources - All three facilities are fitted with state-of-the-art eye-tracking technology allowing the driver’s eye movements to be recorded over a wide field of view. In addition we have a suite of visual and psychophysiological testing equipment for driver screening and experimental testing in each of the environments.

NITES Facility Description