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Crundall, D., Crundall, E., Burnett, G., Shalloe, S., and Sharples, S. (in press). The impact of map orientation and generalisation on congestion decisions: A comparison of schematic-egocentric and topographic-allocentric maps. Ergonomics.

Crundall, D., Crundall, E., Clarke, D., and Shahar, A. (in press). Why do car drivers violate the right-of-way of motorcycles at t-junctions? Accident Analysis and Prevention.

Konstantopoulos, P., Chapman, P., & Crundall, D. (in press). Driver’s introspection on eye movements. Exploring the ability to identify differences in driving experience by observing short videos with eye movements. Transportation Research Part F

Shahar, A.. van Loon, E., Clarke, D., and Crundall, D. (in press). Attending Overtaking Cars and Motorcycles Through the Mirrors before Changing Lanes. Accident Analysis and Prevention.

Stedmon, A. W., Crundall, D., Crundall, E., Irune, A., Saikayasit, R., van Loon, E., Ward, P., and Greig, N., (in press). Developing a collective test battery to investigate rider behavior: an integrated experiment approach. Advances in Transportation Studies.

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