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Journal articles (for articles in press email me):

Sharman, R.J., McGraw, P.V. and Peirce, J.W. (2015) Cue Combination of Conflicting Color and Luminance Edges. i-Perception, 6(6) 1–9

Peirce, J.W. (2015) Understanding mid-level representations in visual processing. Journal of Vision, 15(7):5, 1-9

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Peirce, J.W. (2013) Nonlinear response functions can still be used to build conjunction detectors: Reply to May and Zhaoping. Journal of Vision, 13(4):23, 1

Sharman, R.J., McGraw, P.V. and Peirce, J.W. (2013) Luminance cues constrain chromatic blur discrimination in natural scene stimuli. Journal of Vision, 13(4):14, 1-10

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Becket AJ, Peirce JW, Sanchez-Panchuelo RM, Francis S & Schluppeck D (2012) Decoding of direction-of-motion from high-resolution fMRI data in human early visual cortex can be explained by larger scale - not columnar level - biases. Neuroimage 63: 1623-1632

CM Svensson, S Coombes, JW Peirce (2012). Using evolutionary algorithms for fitting high-dimensional models to neuronal data. Neuroinformatics 10(2): 199-218 [pdf]

JW Peirce (2011). Nonlinear summation really can be used to perform AND operations: Reply to May and Zhaoping. Journal of Vision, 11(9):18, 1–3 [full text]

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JW Peirce, SG Solomon, JD Forte & P Lennie (2008). Cortical Representation of Color is Binocular. Journal of Vision, 8(3):6, 1-10. [full text]

JW Peirce (2007). The potential importance of saturating and supersaturating contrast response functions in visual cortex. Journal of Vision, 7(6):13, 1-10 [full text]

JW Peirce (2007). PsychoPy - psychophysics software in Python. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 162:8-13 [pdf]

C Tailby, AB Metha, JW Peirce, SG Solomon (2007). Two expressions of “surround suppression” in V1 that arise independent of cortical mechanisms of suppression. Visual Neuroscience, 24:99-109

JW Peirce & LJ Taylor (2006). Selective mechanisms for complex visual patterns revealed by adaptation. Neuroscience 141(1):15-18 [pdf]

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J Forte, JW Peirce, JM Kraft, J Krauskopf & P Lennie (2002). Residual eye movements and their effects on visual responses of neurons. Visual Neuroscience, 19(1):31-8 [pdf]

Kendrick, KM , Leigh, AE, da Costa, APC & Peirce, JW (2001) Sheep don't forget a face. Nature , 414: 165-166.
(also see Daily Telegraph article here )

Peirce, J.W. , Leigh, A.E., da Costa, A.P.C & Kendrick, K.M. (2001).  Human face recognition in sheep: lack of configurational coding and right hemisphere advantage. Behav Proc 55:13-26 [pdf]

Peirce, J.W. , Leigh, A.E. & Kendrick, K.M (2000). Configurational coding, familiarity and the right hemisphere advantage for face recognitionin sheep. Neuropsychologia 38(4): 475-483.  [pdf]
(also see this article in New Scientist )

Penton-Voak, I.S., Perrett, D.I., & Peirce, J.W. (1999).Computer Graphic Studies of the Role of Facial Similarity in Judgements of Attractiveness. Current Psychology , 18(1):104-117. [pdf]






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